YOUniversity Drive’s Collegiate Fashion Week™ is a unique program that encourages students to focus on professional development and personal brand building. While the name denotes “fashion,” the program goes far beyond the external appearance. Participants will get a candid view and practical application of the skills and insight they need to be competitive in today’s workforce.

With a series of “It’s Fashionable To…™” career-building workshops, engaging panel discussions and high impact events, the Collegiate Fashion Week™ experience addresses critical topics that are about much more than what to wear. The entire campus is invited to participate and learn more about what it really means to be “suited for success” both inside and out!

YOUniversity Drive is a national organization dedicated to helping high school and college students bridge the gap between academics and the real world of work. We encourage students to “get behind the wheel of their own success™” by taking personal responsibility for the choices that impact their careers. Hence, the phrase “YOU Drive™” is both our philosophy and a call to action.